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Sources & Methods Newsletter #17 - March 2024

πŸ“ Sources

Cloud Threat Landscape - Cloud-focused compilation of incidents, targeted tech, threat groups, tools, and techniques. Maintained by Wiz, who add new incidents every week. I used FetchRSS to generate a feed I can subscribe to.

πŸ“° Information

Anton Chuvakin - Frameworks for DE-Friendly CTI (Part 5) #detection

Mandiant - AI and the Five Phases of the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle #tooling #AI

Robin Dimyanoglu - Geopolitical Cyber Risk: Going Beyond the Industry and Region #landscape #threatmodeling

Vertex Project - Vertex Tag Tree Overview #tooling #taxonomies

@BushidoToken - Tracking Adversaries: UAC-0050, Cracking The DaVinci Code #groups

Pulsedive - CTI Networking Report 2024 #sharing

Proofpoint - Bumblebee Buzzes Back in Black #malware #analysis

Objective See - Apple Gets an 'F' for Slicing Apples #macOS #research

πŸ›  Tools

AIL framework v5.3


AIL (Analysis of Information Leaks) framework 5.3 released with chat explorer, Discord and Telegram monitoring, automatic translation, new features and various bugs fixed.


Announcing MITRE Calderaβ„’ v5!

MITRE released a major new version of their CALDERA adversary emulation framework with a completely refreshed UI and improved usability.



Bellingcat's auto-archiver helps you automatically collect links to online content of interest like videos and social media posts.



This new CLI tool from Jake Creps of The OSINT Newsletter (which I recommend) will tell you if a given Twitter account is archived, and find associated Medium, Product Hunt, and Mastodon accounts.



Can't, or don't want to, use Google Translate on a project? Argos Translate is an open source alternative using OpenNMT that works offline as a Python library or CLI tool. Web and native GUI interfaces are available, as well.

πŸ’‘ Tip

Next time you're threat hunting, try the Pomodoro Technique to limit yourself to intense bursts of focus mixed with short breaks. Using the technique to its fullest will help you plan and timebox your hunts, stay sharp while working, and keep from burning out.

πŸ“† Events


πŸ“ Berlin, DE
🏒 Mercure Hotel MOA
πŸ“… April 15-17
πŸ”— https://www.first.org/conference/firstcti24/


CFP for workshops, villages, and BoF will close on February 5th

πŸ“ San Francisco, CA, US
🏒 City View at Metreon
πŸ“… May 4-5
πŸ”— https://bsidessf.org/
πŸ”— CFP https://bsidessf.org/cfp


Invite-only, up to a maximum of 150 attendees

πŸ“ Malaga, ES
🏒 Hotel Pez Espada
πŸ—£οΈ Fireside chat May 8
πŸ“Š Conference May 9-10
πŸ”— https://pivotcon.org/


CFP closes April 5th

πŸ“ Arlington, VA, US and online
🏒 Hyatt Regency Crystal City
πŸ“… May 24
πŸ”— https://www.sleuthcon.com/
πŸ”— CFP https://www.sleuthcon.com/cfp